Q&A With George Shturtz (Abstract)

Gear Solutions Magazine Gear Solutions:  I understand that the MPP Ford Road Division is the company’s gear specialist.  Tell us a little about its history and capabilities. George Shturtz:  MPP Ford Road was originally a company call Carbon City Products, which was founded in 1957 in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, so we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary […]

Soft Magnetism: Fundamentals for Powder Metallurgy and Metal Injection Molding (Abstract)

Chaman Lall, Ph.D., MPP Vice President – Technology & Applications Development   This 160-page, softcover book introduces the subject of soft magnetism to engineers, technologists, and technical sales personnel who have responsibility for components processed by Powder Metallurgy (P/M) and Metal Injection Molding (MIM). Emphasis is placed on the practical relevance of the processing parameters […]

The Market Development of PM Aluminum (Abstract)

Shuhai Huo, Bill Heath, and Chaman Lall   The application of powder metallurgy (PM) aluminum structural parts is at its early growing stage, despite of some automotive applications.  The market potential for PM aluminum, however, is large.  Growth is expected from the market expansion of the existing applications and new applications, including the replacements of […]

Vari Cool System at Ridgeway Improves Sinter Hardening

Metal Powder Products (MPP) recently added a Vari Cool system at the Ridgway facility in Pennsylvania. Installed on a continuous belt furnace, the system was a vital component to support an ongoing program for a current customer and to grow business. “The Vari Cool allows parts to have a higher and more consistent hardness,” said […]

Wear and Fatigue of Sintered Aluminum Materials (Abstract)

Shuhai Huo and William Heath   This study examines the mechanical properties, the wear and the fatigue performance of some sintered reinforced powder metallurgy aluminum materials.  In a contact rolling and sliding test, the aluminum materials showed significant improvement in the wear resistance and the fatigue endurance.  There is limited wear damage to the contact […]

Wear Resistant PM Aluminum Materials for Automotive Applications (Abstract)

Shuhai Huo, Bill Heath, Dave Ryan, Steve Patrick and Jesse Azzato Conventional 2000 series aluminum PM materials have been widely used for pressed and sintered structural parts.  The materials have excellent processing characteristics and reasonable tensile strength.  However, wear resistance, fatigue strength and stiffness of the materials are relatively low.  As many potential applications in […]

William Heath Elected to the PMPA Board of Directors

William Heath, MPP Vice President – Sales & Marketing, was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Powder Metal Parts Association (PMPA). PMPA membership consists of the major powder metal parts producing companies in North America. The PMPA is one of six trade associations that comprise the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF). The […]

Light Weight Sintered Aluminum Automotive Components (Abstract)

Shuhai Huo and William Heath High fuel cost is putting more pressure on automotive makers to further improve fuel efficiency.  The direct weight reduction is regarded as one of the most economical options for improving the fuel efficiency.  Direct replacement of some heavier steel engine components with lighter powder metallurgy aluminum components not only reduces […]