MPP Installs New Molding Press at Ford Road Facility

Metal Powder Products (MPP) recently installed a 400-ton molding press at its Ford Road facility in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. The Gasbarre press is required to increase capacity for contracts received for newly tooled business. “The 400-ton press will enable MPP to increase capacity to meet increased customer demand and fulfill new contracts developed over the […]

Light Weight Sintered Aluminum Automotive Components (Abstract)

Shuhai Huo and William Heath High fuel cost is putting more pressure on automotive makers to further improve fuel efficiency.  The direct weight reduction is regarded as one of the most economical options for improving the fuel efficiency.  Direct replacement of some heavier steel engine components with lighter powder metallurgy aluminum components not only reduces […]

Machining of P/M Steels

Howard Ferguson, MPP Director of Technology The rapid growth of P/M is primarily due to its net-shape part-making capability. In the past, the primary P/M process (compaction, sintering, and – where applicable – sizing) was sufficient for most P/M applications. However, dimensional precision has tended to steadily increase. A recent survey by the P/M industry […]

MPP Installs New Molding Presses at Ridgway

Metal Powder Products (MPP) has installed two new molding presses at its Ridgway facility in Pennsylvania. The Alpha 250T and 30T multi-action Gasbarre will both increase capacity for newly tooled business. “The 250 ton press will enable MPP to produce larger parts for our auto manufacturer clients,” said Nick Gismondi, General Manager. “Installation of this […]

P/M Aluminum Structural Parts & Manufacturing and Metallurgical Fundamentals (Abstract)

Chaman Lall, Ph.D., MPP Vice President – Technology & Applications Development and William Heath, MPP Vice President – Marketing & Business Development   The growth of P/M aluminum structural parts in the automotive market is creating opportunities for lightweight alloys in cost-effective, high volume applications. Successful implementation and acceptance of aluminum cam caps by the […]

Powder Metallurgy Gears (Abstract)

George T. Shturtz   This article describes the use of powder metallurgy (P/M) for the production of close tolerance gears with strengths of up to 1240 MPa. The article describes the general process advantages (and limitations) of P/M gear manufacturing. Spur, helical, bevel, face, spur-helical, and helical-helical gears are discussed.   If you would like […]

Principles and Applications of High Temperature Sintering (Abstract)

Chaman Lall, Ph.D., MPP VP-Mfg. & Technology   Components manufactured by powder metallurgy are being used in increasingly demanding applications and environments, which dictates that the optimum performance be obtained from these materials. One aid in the achievement of this goal is the appropriate utilization of high temperature sintering. In this review, the fundamentals and […]

Q&A With George Shturtz (Abstract)

Gear Solutions Magazine Gear Solutions:  I understand that the MPP Ford Road Division is the company’s gear specialist.  Tell us a little about its history and capabilities. George Shturtz:  MPP Ford Road was originally a company call Carbon City Products, which was founded in 1957 in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, so we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary […]