MPP Installs New Molding Press at Ford Road Facility

Metal Powder Products (MPP) recently installed a 400-ton molding press at its Ford Road facility in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. The Gasbarre press is required to increase capacity for contracts received for newly tooled business. “The 400-ton press will enable MPP to increase capacity to meet increased customer demand and fulfill new contracts developed over the […]

MPP Installs New Molding Presses at Ridgway

Metal Powder Products (MPP) has installed two new molding presses at its Ridgway facility in Pennsylvania. The Alpha 250T and 30T multi-action Gasbarre will both increase capacity for newly tooled business. “The 250 ton press will enable MPP to produce larger parts for our auto manufacturer clients,” said Nick Gismondi, General Manager. “Installation of this […]

Vari Cool System at Ridgeway Improves Sinter Hardening

Metal Powder Products (MPP) recently added a Vari Cool system at the Ridgway facility in Pennsylvania. Installed on a continuous belt furnace, the system was a vital component to support an ongoing program for a current customer and to grow business. “The Vari Cool allows parts to have a higher and more consistent hardness,” said […]

William Heath Elected to the PMPA Board of Directors

William Heath, MPP Vice President – Sales & Marketing, was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Powder Metal Parts Association (PMPA). PMPA membership consists of the major powder metal parts producing companies in North America. The PMPA is one of six trade associations that comprise the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF). The […]

MPP Becoming a Leader in Soft Magnetics for Powder Metallurgy

Metal Powder Products is a leader in several areas of powder metallurgy, including PM aluminum, high temperature sintering, and high density gear manufacturing, just to name a few. The processing of soft magnetic PM materials is yet another of these areas. MPP’s Vice President of Technology, Dr. Chaman Lall, is an internationally recognized expert in […]

MPP “Going Green” with Energy-Saving Parts

In the world of powder metallurgy, “green parts” is the term normally applied to PM parts that have been pressed but not yet sintered. However, in an ever more environmentally conscious business environment, “green parts” might soon be used to refer to parts that contribute to energy saving or that are environmentally friendly. In that […]

PM Makes Additional Inroads in Gear Market

Densification Processes Helps Drive Growth In recent years, gears produced by PM have significantly closed the gap that once existed between PM and wrought gears. According to George Shturtz, Sales Manager at MPP’s Ford Road Division, “They’re not your father’s PM gears anymore.”   PM gears now achieve ultimate tensile strengths of 190,000 psi (or […]