MPP Adds Non-Destructive Testing Units

Metal Powder Products has added high-speed, automated, non-destructive testing units for high-volume production lines at company facilities. The units have been added at the end of the production lines to test for various characteristics, but without causing damage to the parts. The tests are a safeguard for ensuring part integrity. The testing units were added […]

MPP Installs Another New Furnace at Ridgway Facility

Metal Powder Products (MPP) has installed another 24” furnace at the Ridgway facility. Continued business growth necessitated the addition of the new furnace at the plant.  The new furnace will also add more flexibility to production lines and increase production capacity. “Our 2015 contracts have already impacted 2016 output,” said Jesse Azzato, Director of Operations. […]

New Furnaces Installed at Ridgway and Washington Street Facilities

Metal Powder Products (MPP) has installed two 24” furnaces at both the Ridgway and Washington Street facilities. The addition of two furnaces at each respective plant will help to support new business growth, increase production capacity, and add more flexibility to production lines. “The 24” furnaces were necessary for new contracts developed during 2015,” said […]