MPP Becoming a Leader in Soft Magnetics for Powder Metallurgy

Metal Powder Products is a leader in several areas of powder metallurgy, including PM aluminum, high temperature
sintering, and high density gear manufacturing, just to name a few. The processing of soft magnetic PM materials is yet another of these areas. MPP’s Vice President of Technology, Dr. Chaman Lall, is an internationally recognized
expert in the field, having authored several papers on the subject, including the book Soft Magnetism: Fundamentals
for Powder Metallurgy and Metal Injection Molding.

Soft Magnetics at MPP

For most soft magnetic applications, MPP uses various Fe compounds and various stainless steel grades such as 410L and 434L, which are good candidates for soft magnetic applications where corrosion resistance is needed. Examples of these are anti-lock brake systems (ABS) such as “sensor” or “tone” wheels. These are often located at the vehicle wheels and are exposed to water, dirt and salt from the road. In order to enhance the soft magnetic properties of these PM materials, MPP keeps contamination to a minimum in both the powder preparation and molding stages, as well as during sintering. Also, by using higher temperatures during sintering and pure hydrogen for oxide reduction, we can improve soft magnetic performance. The absence of nitrogen eliminates the deleterious effects of the element, while the higher diffusion rates increase density, dissolve precipitates, and promote recrystallization and grain growth.
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Applications for Soft Magnetics

As mentioned above, a typical application for soft magnetics would be the sensors in anti-lock braking systems. Other applications include:

  • Computer equipment
  • Welding transformers
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Motor speed controls
  • Current transformers
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical equipment
  • Lighting and plasma displays

If you would like to learn more about the science of soft magnetics in PM, please go to the Technology section of our web site, select Technical Bulletins, and then click on Soft Magnetism in Powder Metallurgy.