Q&A With George Shturtz (Abstract)

Gear Solutions Magazine

Gear Solutions:  I understand that the MPP Ford Road Division is the company’s gear specialist.  Tell us a little about its history and capabilities.

George Shturtz:  MPP Ford Road was originally a company call Carbon City Products, which was founded in 1957 in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, so we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary this year.  Metal Powder Products was launched in 1946 and purchased Carbon City in 1986 as part o f a plan to achieve growth through strategic acquisitions.  This was MPP’s second major site purchase, and it now has six locations in the United States, Mexico and Canada.  As you’ve mentioned, MPP Ford Road handles much of MPP’s gear work, although all of our manufacturing locations have gear-making capabilities.  MPP Ford Road has experience in virtually all types of gears, including spur, helical, face, rack, and spiral bevel gears.  The smallest gear we’ve produced had a pitch diameter of one hundred thousandths, and our largest was an internal ring gear with an eight-inch ID.

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