Applications of Powder Metallurgy Aluminums for Automotive Valve-trains (Abstract)

Shuhai Huo, Bill Heath and Dave Ryan


Current applications of powder metallurgy (PM) aluminum for automotives are predominantly focused on cam caps.  Metal Powder Products Company (MPP) pioneered the cam cap production and is the leading producer of the parts in the world.  For moving valve-train parts, the lighter aluminum not only reduces weight leading to lower fuel consumption, but also reduces moment inertia of the parts leading to performance improvement.  This study examines the properties of some PM aluminum materials having higher wear resistance, improved fatigue strength and stiffness, in comparison with the cast aluminums and some ferrous PM materials.  The results suggest that the PM aluminums are feasible substitutes for replacing the cast aluminums and the ferrous PM materials for the valve-train components.

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