MPP Introduces New High Strength Aluminum Powder

Metal Powder Products is pleased to introduce a new high strength PM aluminum material for structural applications. This material has significantly improved strength, wear, and ductility compared to the Al-4%Cu alloy that has been the workhorse of the PM aluminum industry for more than two decades.

For high strength applications, a tensile strength (UTS) of up to 325 MPa is achievable, in combination with a yield strength of 300 MPa, tensile elongation of 4%, and an apparent hardness of Rockwell HRB 50 (Brinell HB 83). The Young’s Modulus value is about 65 GPa, along with a Poisson’s ratio of 0.33. Thermal heat treatments that are normally used to increase strength are not needed in MPP’s process, which means that component ductility is not compromised.

For applications in which high ductility and fracture toughness are paramount, the PM process can be customized to provide a product with tensile elongation of up to 12%, UTS of 200.

Please contact Dr. Chaman Lall at Metal Powder Products for further information and technical support.