Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team Completes Year 3 of EcoCAR3 Competition

The Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team is proud to announce that they placed 8th overall out of the 16 teams in the third year of EcoCAR 3 competition.  As part of this competition, Penn State is one of 16 universities competing to build a fully functional hybrid-electric 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.  MPP is a proud sponsor of this program and extends our support next year for the fourth and final year of the competition.

This program provides an multidisciplinary student engineering team with the opportunity to gain new skills and practice in engineering, communications, project management, and business administration. As a testament to the positive influence of this program, Penn State is proud to state that their graduating members are moving on to participate in industry positions in GM, Ford, Volvo, SpaceX, and more.  As part of their comments on the program, Penn State says, “This Penn State program has provided an invaluable experience to students for the past 29 years, and with your continued involvement, we can ensure that many more will have the opportunity to learn and grow.”