Conversioneering®: Manufacturing Solutions Engineering.

Conversioneering® is MPP’s proprietary manufacturing solutions engineering process that

  • Defines, analyzes, and improves your precision components
  • Reduces time-to-market
  • Saves you money

Conversioneering® works equally well on new product development or reducing costs of existing components. The MPP team, consisting of experienced Metallurgists, Tool Designers, Process Engineers, and Quality experts, has developed this proven process for engineering precision components using powder metallurgy (pm) or Metal Injection Molding (MIM).

What is Conversioneering?

Conversioneering is a collaborative process in which our multidisciplinary team evaluates your application with the goal of improving your total cost and providing significant application advantages using technical expertise and advanced technologies.

Conversioneering® is an agile, lean process founded upon VA/VE principals. It’s not as simple as taking your engineering designs and making a mold – although that’s how some pm companies do it. By involving the MPP Conversioneering team as an extension of your engineering department early in the development process, you’re guaranteed maximum value and robust solutions.

We serve a global market offering design and/or material options to improve performance and lower production costs. Our service is backed by world-class production capabilities and advanced equipment.

MPP has developed practical solutions and deep insights into the systems and industries using our products. Our experience will help you produce higher system efficiencies with reliable performance at significantly lower production costs.