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MPP Acquires Proform Powdered Metals

Metal Powder Products, LLC (“MPP”), a Mill Point Capital portfolio company, announced today that it has acquired Proform Powdered Metals, Inc. (“Proform”), a manufacturer of high-quality sintered bronze bearings, bushings and spacers, headquartered in Punxsutawney, PA.

The acquisition of Proform further strengthens MPP’s position in the market, broadens its business platform to deliver high-quality products and services, generating greater efficiencies.

“As the leader in powdered metallurgy industrial applications, MPP is excited to announce the addition of Proform Powdered Metals, strengthening our position in sintered bronze bearings, copper parts and iron spacers,” said Dennis McKeen, CEO of MPP. “Proform’s best-in-class team, manufacturing facility, organization, and products are a perfect fit with MPP’s current products and customer base.”

Proform will continue operating and serving customers under the Proform company name. MPP will bring operational expertise and its global footprint to expand opportunities throughout the marketplace.


  • Bronze Bearings
  • Diluted Bronze Bearings
  • Iron-Copper Bearings
  • Iron and Iron-Carbon Bearings
  • Iron and Carbon Steel
  • Iron-Copper and Copper Steel
  • Iron-Nickel and Nickel Steel

Materials and Services

Proform manufactures products in a wide range of  materials:

  • Bronze,  Diluted Bronze Iron Steel Copper Infiltration
  • Secondary Operations are also available: Oil Impregnating, Tumbling, Deburring Steam Treating, Heat Treating Plating/RoHS Compliant Resin Impregnating Drilling and Tapping Centrifuge


For more information, please contact Charles Joseph, Proform Sales Manager: