Our Capabilities

MPP is a pioneer in volume production of aluminum products. At MPP, we have more than a half a century of experience working with steel, iron, and stainless steel materials.

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Engineering Solutions

Complete design and engineering services from prototype through production. We are an industry leader in ferrous, stainless steel, and soft magnetic components.

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Powder Metal 101

From our computer-controlled, multi-function presses and specially designed, high-temperature, sintering furnaces to our secondary operations facilities and innovative processes such as pm joining techniques.

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Soft Magnetic Composites

MPP's Soft Magnetic Technology Leads to Motors with No Rare Earth Magnets

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Careers at MPP

Discover why MPP is a great place to work.  We are always interested in talking with talented individuals that want to join our team!

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Tech Insider

MPP is an innovator in powder metallurgy material technology, including the development, selection, and blending of standard and custom powder metal materials and alloys. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, custom-engineered pm solutions for our customers.

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Info for Suppliers

Find important downloads and information for suppliers.

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Info for Customers

Find important downloads and information for customers.

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The latest MPP Articles and Announcements

Why Powder Metal vs Competing Technologies (Conversioneering®)

powdered metal, Powder Metal Components, Powder Metallurgy, metal powder, metal powder products, Aluminum Part Manufacturing

Selecting the right process to produce a component can be a daunting task. Learn how powder metallurgy offers benefits other processes can't match.

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Why Select MPP as Your Soft Magnetics Composite Partner?

Soft Magnetic Materials Manufacturing, Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC), Electric Motor Manufacturing, metal powder products, Aluminum Part Manufacturing, Tech Articles, Communications

A soft magnetic composites (SMC) specialist, MPP supplies SMC components to customers around the globe, supporting a wide range of applications in automotive, electronics, EVs, heavy trucking, industrial sectors, and more.

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What are Soft Magnetic Composites?

Soft Magnetic Materials Manufacturing, Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC), Electric Motor Manufacturing, high volume production, Tech Articles, Communications, metal powder products, Powder Metallurgy, Powder Metal Components, Aluminum Part Manufacturing

While there are numerous production technologies design engineers can rely on today like machining or powder metallurgy, metal injection molding is a cost-effective technology that's finally come into its own.

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