The Versatile Gerotor: An Evolving Positive Displacement Pump

For over a century, engineers and inventors dreamed of efficient rotary machines capable of attaining high pressures at variable speeds.

Developed during the 1990s to meet demand for alternative magnetic materials, soft magnetic composite materials have become a growing manufacturing

We are innovators in PM material technology, including the development, selection, and blending of a wide variety of standard and

Conversioneering® is MPP’s proprietary manufacturing solutions engineering process that Defines, analyzes, and improves your precision components Reduces time-to-market Saves you

Selecting the right process to produce a component can be a daunting task; requiring balancing design, tolerancing, and cost-effectiveness. Technologies

A soft magnetic composites (SMC) specialist, MPP supplies SMC components to customers around the globe. Our products support a wide

Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC) is a breakthrough technology with massive potential to shape the future of electrified applications. SMC have

While there are numerous production technologies design engineers can rely on today like machining or powder metallurgy, metal injection molding

What Are Powder Metallurgy Components? Powder Metallurgy (PM) components are made from metal powder via a metal-forming process utilizing a

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