At MPP, we engineer the future. Thanks to our innovative axial flux technology, we’re helping to speed the transition to EVs, reduce the need for fossil fuels, and eliminate the need for rare earth magnets

Benefits of MPP’s Soft Magnetic Composites Technology:

  • The stator is molded as one component helping create manufacturing efficiency as well as reduced overall size
  • It uses a higher number of poles to increase electromagnetic active material
  • Soft magnetic composite materials make it possible to design innovative, compact and powerful electric motors that match your specific application
  • The 3D flux lines allow more powerful, compact motor

MPP’s Technology Allows:

  • Motors with No Earth Magnets
  • Use of Magnetic Flux Technology
  • Increase in Motor Efficiency
  • Overall Cost Reduction

SMC Motor

MPP 4e-01

EV Motors and Beyond

The features of motors made with soft magnetic composite materials make them suitable for a wide range of applications such as for Electric Vehicles, pumps, fans, compressors, valve control, hoists and power and wind generators. What’s more, other MPP materials offer a great solution to a number of automotive manufacturing and parts needs.

Engineering Makes the Difference

Whether it’s solving customers problems or driving future innovations, our engineers and industry experts thrive on a good challenge. Our team of engineers is constantly developing new materials, manufacturing techniques, and applications. They’re why MPP can deliver cutting edge solutions for our customers.